What we think

At all times, man has sought to, as they say, "see the world". But "to see" - it is not just only to see by your eyes. You can see some place on photos, monitor or TV. However, really visiting a new place we get to know and feel it with all our senses. In other words, we not only feast it with our eyes, we touch it, taste it and, of course, breathe it in.

Few would argue with the fact that the Altay is one of the most beautiful places on our planet. But when we admire Altay, we do not just mean its appearance. Taking a walk along the shore of pristine mountain lake, plunging into the scented herbs of Altay meadows, resting beneath a spreading pine on the edge of the forest, and finally climbing up the glacier to the snow-white cap on top of the mountain, besides the delight of the beauty of these places, we feel the power of the Altay, which fills us with every breath.

Altay Air is a special substance, which is a unique self-worth.

Even today, when the world, including the most remote regions, has become much more affordable, to get where we want to immediately is impossible. Yes, we can view photos or video of this places, read about it, listen to the story. But it is not possible to immerse entirely ourselves in its atmosphere, even through all the latest digital technologies.


What we do

We decided to take another small step towards the accessibility of such a truly magical corner of our planet, as the Altay, for every person who wants to experience its atmosphere.

Now, wherever you are, you can breathe in a piece of distant virgin nature, and for a moment to be carried thousands of kilometers away from the bustle of the big cities into the unique world of Altay wildlife.

For this purpose we have captured a little crystal-clear air in the mountains of the Altay Republic, and put it in the cans, in which we can carry it.

We use the most advanced clean technologies for the capturing and packaging to preserve pristine air composition, formed by unique natural conditions of the Altay.


What we offer

Now you can taste a product created by mountain meadows, endless forests and clear waters of the Altay, not going on a long journey.

We offer you a small piece of the Altay. And you can, though for a moment, plunge into the nature of this blissful land, from anywhere in the world, whether it is your home, car, office, factory or your local train.

Breathe in the genuine pure air of Altay Mountains and its nature becomes a part of you!


Ecology premium quality

produced and bottled in Russia


You get a unique opportunity to breathe the pure air of the Altay Mountains, at any time, wherever you are


We offer a product created by the particular nature of the region, located far away from industrial centers and big cities


Capturing and storage of the air is provided in compliance with the highest international quality standards of the production process and the materials used


In our manufacturing process we use the most advanced clean technologies to preserve the original air composition formed by nature


Convenient and compact packaging allows you to use the product in any place


We work hard to make a piece of Altay accessible for you no matter where you are, as quickly as possible


Ephyn - air concentrate about product

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