Our product is a clean air which was captured in one of the most environmentally perfect areas of the planet, the mountains of the Altay Republic.

Optimal geographic location and untouched nature of Altay create the ideal breathing air composition.

We put this air in high quality cans, without any additives, preservatives and flavorings. The real manufacturer of this product is the nature of Altay.
We capture, package and deliver it to you only.

In the packaging process we use only the materials and technologies that ensure the safety of a natural air composition, do not allow mixing it with other substances, is not subject to corrosion.

When you take our product into your hands and, pushing the button of valve, take a breath, you can be sure that you breathe in the genuine creation of the Altay Mountains nature. And we hope that each such breath will give you a really tangible piece of beauty, purity and power of Altay.